F45 playoffs

An ultimate fitness test from the fitness training system F45: 10 stations, 45 seconds work per station, 15 secs rest, 10 minute test, 100 points per station (maximum 1,000 points)! The promotional material from F45, a fitness program, says that this test will become the benchmark for fitness testing globally.

Equipment Required

Fitness Test List

The test includes the following exercises:

  1. Rowing
  2. Bench Hops
  3. TRX Push up + Knee Tuck
  4. Lateral hops
  5. Box Jump + Burpee
  6. Chin Up
  7. Squat + Press
  8. Russian Twist
  9. Deadball Over the Shoulder Throw and Sprint
  10. Lateral Hop


There is limited details of the scoring system by f45, except that each exercise station is roughly scored out of 100 making the maximum achievable 1,000 points. They use a proprietary algorithm that rates the value of one repetition per station, based on the proportion of a "perfect" score of 100 points per station. Each repetition within the station has a different value based on the degree of difficulty for that movement. For example, a chinup is worth 5 points (an elite athlete may achieve at maximum of 20 chinups = 100 pts).

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