More Unusual Sports

There are so many weird and unusual sports played around the world that I cannot keep up with them. In addition to the hundreds of unusual sports I have already featured, there is information about many more coming in. Below are some of the suggestions that have been made, and others that I have come across but do not yet have time to make an individual page about them. Do you know of an unusual sport that you think should be featured on these pages? If so, use the comment section below.

To be Added Soon?

  1. Potato Racing - seems like there are a few differnet variations of this sport?
  2. Shovel Racing - participants sit on a metal shovel and race down a snowy mountainside. The sport began in the 1970s when ski-lift operators used shovels to quickly make it to the bottom of the slopes. Now there are snow shovel world championships held every February in New Mexico.
  3. Sack Race
  4. Three-Legged Race
  5. Wok racing - developed by the German TV host Stefan Raab: Modified woks are used to make timed runs down an Olympic bobsled track.
  6. Pelota purépecha - mexican folk sport, hockey with flaming ball?
  7. Deer Calling - like the german deer calling championship, which determines who can best imitate the mating call of a stag.
  8. Aunt Sally - players throw sticks or battens at a model of an old woman's head.
  9. Rat Olympics (Xtreme Rat Challenge) - an annual sporting rat challenge at Nebraska Wesleyan University

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