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Snail Racing

Snail Racing, "the slowest sport in the world", is a fun entertainment where two or more slow moving snails race against each other. Snail races also take place in different parts of the world, though predominantly events are held in the United Kingdom.

snail racing snail racing

Race are started with a terminology, “Ready, Steady, Slow”. This phrase was first heard during the first competitive live snail race in London called “The Guinness Gastropod Championship” in 1999.

The race usually happens on a circular track where the snails start in the middle and race to the perimeter. Snail owners are not allowed to touch your snail during the race, change snails or doing something that would make your snail go faster than it should. The track is made up of a damp cloth on top of a flat surface and has a radius of 13 to 14 inches. The race number of each snail contestant is marked on their shell. The first snail to touch the outer circle of the ring is crowned the winner.

There is a World Championships for Snail Racing, which began in the 1960s in Congham, Norfolk in the East of England, founded Tom Elwes. He was inspired by a snail race he witnessed in France.

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