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Pie Eating

The World Pie Eating Contest is held annually in Wigan, in the northwest of England. People have been traveling from all over the world to compete in this event for over 15 years.


In 2006, bowing to pressure from the Government's healthy eating drive and from the Vegetarian Society, the contest has been changed. In the past, contestants were required to eat as many meat and potato savory pies as they can in three minutes. The rules have been changed so that the emphasis on speed rather than volume. And for those health-conscious professional pie-eaters, the competition includes a vegetarian option. Now the winner is the person who can eat any pie in the shortest possible time.


The competition rules dictate that the meat and potato pies have a diameter of 12cm and a depth of 3.5cm when cooked, with a pie angle from base to top of between zero and 15 degrees. The vegetarian option will be 10cm by 3cm.


The inaugural winner of this event, in 1992, was Dave Smyth, a painter from Hindley who ate four pies in three minutes. The 2005 winner was Anthony "The Anaconda" Danson, a weight trainer from Lancashire, who managed to eat seven pies in three minutes, setting a new record. Under the new rules, the 2006 winner was Brendan Brockbank, aged 18, who ate his pie in just 78 seconds.

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