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Eton Wall Game

Eton Wall Game is a sport with some similarities to rugby union created and played only at Eton College. The objective of the sport is to move the ball along a curved brick wall towards the opposing team's goal.

Eton wall game, a sport which has some similarities to rugby union, is one of the sports that originated and is still being played at Eton College.

The field used for the sport is a strip of ground 5m wide and 110m long called "The Furrow" which has a slightly curved brick wall next to it. The last few yards of the field on either side called the "calx", and two targets a garden door and a tree one at each end, are all used as a part of scoring.

The objective of the sport is to move the ball towards the opposing team's end of the field. Within the calx, a team can score a "Shy" which is worth one point, with one player raising the ball against the wall with his foot and another player touching the ball with his hands and shouting "got it". After the shy is scored, a team can continue to score a goal, which is worth nine points, by throwing the ball at the opposing team's target. Teams can score a field goal worth five points at any time during the match from anywhere in the field, by kicking the ball at the target.

A match is played in two 30-minute periods, and the team to score the most points wins the match.

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