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Cornish Hurling

Cornish hurling, hurling, or hurling the silver ball, is a game that is played outdoors, it is of Celtic Origin. It is a form of Medieval Football. The sport is very similar to the game of Cnapan, and has similarities to Rugby Football and modern Hockey.

Cornish Hurling is played with a small silver ball, the small silver ball is made up of sterling silver. This sport was only played in Cornwall, United Kingdom. Until the 1800’s the game was still played in many Cornish towns and villages, usually on feasts and fair days.

The only instances of the sport today are the annual matches at St Columb and St Ives, and the game played as part of the beating the bounds ceremony at Bodmin every 5 years.

The game at St. Columb Major is played twice yearly, between the Townsmen and Countrymen of the parish, The goal of the game is to place the ball into the respective goals which are about two miles apart. The team must control possession of the ball by passing, throwing, snatching, and tackling. The game was usually played in the afternoon.

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