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Cockroach Races

What do people do when their localities are infested with cockroaches? Just brag about how cockroaches in your area are faster than cockroaches from other areas. That's exactly what happened between two guys in Brisbane in Australia; of course after few rounds good old Australian beer I guess, who followed it up with a race between roaches from their area in a vacant parking lot. Hence the sport of cockroach racing was born.

a madagascar cockroach a madagascar cockroach. photo credit: Kevin Rohr (

Cockroach racing is extremely popular in Australia. A special event promoted under the banner "Australia Day Cockroach Races" is conducted every year on 26 January, Australia Day, which is one of the biggest event on that day. The event features 14 different types of races, which also includes a steeple chase race. There are also six other such racing events held in the country every year.

The races sure are fun, I mean who doesn't like to see cockroaches compete. Jokes apart, the primary reason these races continue to have the following they have enjoyed is because of the gambling associated with it.

Besides Australia, cockroach racing also exists in the United States. Traditionally, a cockroach race is conducted in New Jersey, to predict the democratic presidential candidate every four years.

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