Chicken Fight

Chicken Fight, obviously what comes to mind is a fight between chickens. But that's not it. It is an informal game, which is played in water; mostly lakes or swimming pools, in which players play the game riding on the shoulders of their teammates, and attempt to knock down and separate the opponents.

During fights, also known as shoulder wars, two players take turns to be the "vehicle" - the bottom player and the "attacker" - the player at the top. The vehicle player is not allowed to use the hands and should only rely on the running momentum to try and separate the opponents. The attacker can use any means necessary to separate the opponents or knock them both onto the ground.

A game can be played among several 2-player teams. The team that gets separated or gets knocked down is eliminated. The game goes on until only one team remains.

There are some variations to the piggyback game played in different countries. In Japan, it is called "kibasen" and is played on a field, where one player rides on the back of three teammates. In Brazil, the game is known as "briga de galo" and in Mexico it is called "Camel Fighting".

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