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Equipment for Table Tennis

The sport of table tennis, also commonly known as ping pong, is a popular sport around the world. Essentially, it is like tennis but on a table top. Players hit a lightweight ball back and forth over a net to each other using paddles.

table tennis basic equipmenttable tennis basic equipment

A Table and Net

A regulation-size table tennis table measures 9 feet (2.74 meters) in length, 5 feet (1.525 meters) in width, and 2.5 feet (76 centimeters) in height. It provides a smooth, level playing surface divided by a net. The table's surface should be uniformly dark-colored, usually green or blue, with white sidelines and a center line dividing the table in half.

The table tennis net spans the width of the table and stands 6 inches (15.25 centimeters) high at the center. It is supported by posts at each end of the table. The net should be taut and free from sagging to ensure accurate play. Regulation nets have adjustable tension to maintain proper height and tension during gameplay.

A Bat and Ball

Table tennis paddles (also called Rackets or Bats - see Table Tennis Terms) are typically made of wood and covered with rubber on both sides. The rubber surface enhances grip and spin control when striking the ball. Paddles typically measure approximately 6 inches (15 centimeters) in width and 10 inches (25 centimeters) in length. Players may choose paddles with different rubber thicknesses and textures to suit their playing style.

Table tennis balls are spherical with a standard diameter of 40 millimeters (1.57 inches), and 2.7grams. They are usually made of celluloid or plastic material. The balls come in various colors, with white and orange being the most common. Table tennis balls must meet specific weight and bounce criteria to ensure fair play and consistent performance during matches. Table tennis balls are the lightest and one of the smallest balls used in sports.

A table tennis carry case is a valuable accessory for players who want to protect, transport, and organize their paddles effectively. They often have capacity to carry balls too.


Table tennis clothing should be comfortable and suitable for indoor play. Players typically wear athletic apparel such as t-shirts, shorts, or tracksuits made of lightweight, breathable materials. Non-marking athletic shoes with good grip are essential to prevent slipping on the playing surface and ensure stability during matches or practice sessions.

There are no specific shoes designed exclusively for table tennis, though players often prefer lightweight, non-marking athletic shoes with good grip for optimal performance on the table tennis court.

Additional Equipment

While not essential, these accessories can enhance the playing experience and provide convenience for players of all skill levels.

Table Tennis Scoreboard: A table tennis scoreboard is a device or system used to keep track of the score during matches or practice sessions. It provides a convenient way for players and spectators to monitor the progress of the game. Scoreboards come in various forms, including manual flip-scoreboards, electronic scoreboards, and smartphone apps designed for scorekeeping.

Table Tennis Robot: A table tennis robot is a device that automatically feeds balls to the player for solo practice sessions. The robot can simulate various types of shots, including spins, speeds, and trajectories, allowing players to improve their skills and reflexes. It consists of a ball-holding mechanism and programmable controls to adjust settings according to the player's preferences.

Table Tennis Ball Picker: A table tennis ball picker is a tool used to collect and store table tennis balls during practice or training sessions. It typically features a lightweight, mesh bag attached to a handle for easy maneuverability around the table. The ball picker prevents balls from rolling away and provides convenience for players during practice sessions.

Table Tennis Ball Catch Net: A table tennis ball catch net is a net or basket positioned on the player's side of the table to catch balls during practice. It prevents balls from rolling away and keeps the playing area tidy. The catch net is especially useful for solo practice sessions when there are no opponents to retrieve stray balls.

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