Profile: David Beckham

full name: David Robert Joseph Beckham
bio: Football player and worldwide superstar.
also known as: Becks, Spice boy, Goldenballs, DB7
born: 2 May 1975 in Leytonstone, London
nationality: British
physical: Height: 182-183 cm / 6 feet
Weight: 75 kg / 165 pounds
sport: Football or Soccer
teams / clubs: Preston North End (England)
Manchester United (England)
Real Madrid (Spain)
Los Angeles Galazy (USA)
Milan (Italy)
position: Midfielder
foot: Right
jersey number: #7
achievements: 1999 Intercontinental Cup winner (Manchester United)
1999 Champions League winner (Manchester United)
1996 Premiership Champions (Manchester United)
1997 Premiership Champions (Manchester United)
1999 Premiership Champions (Manchester United)
2000 Premiership Champions (Manchester United)
2001 Premiership Champions (Manchester United)
2003 Premiership Champions (Manchester United)
1996 FA Cup winner (Manchester United)
1999 FA Cup winner (Manchester United)
2004 League Cup Finals (Real Madrid)
2003 League Cup Finals (Manchester United)
what you may not know:
  • Married to wife Victoria with sons Brooklyn and Romeo.
  • He has become more well known in North America since the success of the British film 'Bend It Like Beckham'. It is about a British Sikh girl who idolizes David Beckham and has great ambitions of being a football player.
  • Elton John is the godfather to David's two older sons, Brooklyn and Romeo, and the two are set to inherit part of John's estate.


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