Rogaining Photos

Here are some personal photos from Rogaining events completed in and around Canberra in 2004 and 2005. Hopefully they give an good indication of how fun Rogaining can be, especially when there is a great natural environment to run around in.

Rogaine in Cooma, NSW, south of Canberra, on a cold day in 2003.

Rogaining car park Rogaining mountain top Rogaining tree root Rogaining campsite

Paddy Palin Rogaine near Canberra, 2003.

Rogaining lost Rogaining checkpoint skull Rogaining team Rogaining map reading Rogaining adventure Rogaining check

Rogaine near Canberra, on a cold day in April 2004.

Rogaining rest Rogaining bushwalk sunrise Rogaining tenting Rogaining frosty morning

Rogaine in Namadji Park, ACT, in Nov 2004.

Rogaining points Rogaining Rogaining Roaming Rogaining winners

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