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Zonering is a new sport created in Nov 2013 by Jacob Mullen of Ohio USA. He got the idea from the fun game of 360ball. He took the disk from that sport and put it in the center of a basketball court. The object is to hit the disk in the middle (same disk as 360ball) and score points.


The game starts out with 6 players on defense inside or touching the ring in the center of the court. 3 of the players on offense stay on one end of the court and the other 3 on the other. One of the 6 offenders starts out by passing the ball to one of his teammates. When you have possession of the ball, you may bounce it once. After you bounce it, you may only pivot (as in basketball) before you pass it. If the defense gains possession of the ball, it counts as a "strike" and the offense starts where they did at the beginning. The offense's goal is to hit the ring with the ball. The defense's goal is to not let the ball touch the ring. If the ball makes contact with it, the offense scores one point. The offense is only restricted from going inside the zone around the scoring disk or inside each start zone. If the ball goes out of bounds or in the start zone, it is a strike. After 5 strikes, the teams switch sides and play for another 5 strikes. Each time they switch, it ends the team's "run". The game is usually played for 5-10 runs for each team.

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Equipment Required

The offense passes and bounces a ball typically the size and weight of a volleyball. The defense usually doesn't need anything.

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