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Hausay is a new sport created in in September, 2013 by Jacob Mullen from Ohio. This game is unique. It is played on a square court with four teams. There are different ways to score points, but the main idea is to get the ball in the goal. There are barely any people who know how to play this, Jacob wants you to pass on this sport and make it popular! His goal is to one day make Hausay a well-known sport and possibly make a professional league.


There are 4 teams consisting of 5 players on each team. Within those 5 players, there are 3 positions: a Goalkeeper, a Defender (or Guard), and a Metropolitan. Each team starts out inside of their own box. On both sides of their start box are empty areas called "save boxes". The area in the middle is called the "neutral zone."

The game starts of by team 1's goalkeeper serving the ball.

These are all of the possible ways to score:

(pts awarded)-how to earn the points
(10) A goal scored from inside your own start box
(5) A goal scored from outside your own start box
(3) If the ball you hit bounces at least once in another teams start box and goes out of bounds besides the goal
(2) If the ball is caught in the air
(1) If the ball you hit bounces twice in another team's start box
(-1) If you hit the ball out of bounds
(-1) If a player caught the ball in the air after you hit it
(-1) If a team earns 3 points against you (see rule above)
(-3) If a team scores a goal against you

Possible ways to get out

-If a player catches the ball you hit in the air
-If you hit the ball out of bounds
-If you pick up a ball before it can become a reservice

NOTE: if you get out, you are suspended from play for 60 seconds

If the ball bounces twice inside of the neutral zone, that ball becomes a "reservice", which means that you can pick it up. After you pick it up, you have 3 seconds to do something: you can either throw it, pass it, or serve it.
NOTE: You are not allowed to go inside someone else's start box.

The game consists of four 30-minutes quarters and the clock does not stop for a total of 2 hours.

Equipment Required

Goalkeepers only have a tennis racket and wear either a helmet (so the ball doesn't hit them in the face) or racquetball goggles. Metropolitans just wear baseball mitts. Guards or defenders have tennis rackets and wear a baseball batting glove on their non-dominant hand to catch the ball.

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