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The new sport of Werfball was created by Peter Germ of Georgia, United States in November-December 2015. Werfball is sort of like football. The game is played on a field 80 meters long with an extra 6 for each end zone. The field is 35 meters wide. Lines will be marked at the two 20 marks and the middle 40 mark. Play consists of a series of attempts (0-3). The initial or 0th attempt is the first attempt. The 3rd attempt is the last. There are 9 players per team on the field at once.


Play starts with a player from one team throwing the ball to the other from the 40 mark. If the ball should go into the end zone, the ball will be placed at the 10 meter mark. Otherwise, the ball is placed where it is called dead. If a player with the ball is down or goes out of bounds, the ball is considered dead.

A player will inbound the ball from either side at the point where the balled was called dead to begin play. Passes are allowed between players. Passes may hit the ground before reaching their targets. Once the ball is called dead, the next attempt will commence. The goal of the offense is to advance the ball past the opposing team's goal line and into their end zone.

If a team reaches 3rd attempt, they may choose to snap the ball from the middle of the field to forfeit possession to the other team or try to land the ball in an overhanging goal. If they choose not to, and fail to reset*, possession is forfeited.

*If the offensive team advances the ball past any of the major field marks, attempts are reset to 0.

Advancing the ball into the end zone is worth 3 points.
Successfully landing the ball in an overhanging goal is worth 2 points.
If the defense downs the ball in the offensive team's own end zone, the defense gets 1 point and possession upon a throw off.

equipment required: Any ball 2.5 inches in diameter and some protective gear (because tackling is legal).

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