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Ultimate Ball

The new sport of Ultimate Ball was created by 2017 Nate Kahn Maryland, USA. Ultimate Ball is variation of Ultimate Football.

Equipment Required: 4 inch diameter foam ball, appropriate Shoes.

The goal of the sport is to advance the ball successfully into the end zone. Team with the most points win. Game is four 10 minute quarters. 6 players per team

Court/Field Dimensions and Lines: The entire size of the court/field is 100 feet long by 50 feet wide. The endzones run the width of the field. They are each 10 feet long. They are marked by a stripe on either side of the field. At midfield, there will be a stripe that runs the entire width.
20 feet from each endzone, there will be a stripe that runs the entire width. An X will also be placed on each side of the court/field. It will be taped in the center of the court/field.

Starting of game: Referee will toss the ball into the air from the midfield line. One player from each team will stand on either side of midfield and try to gather possession of the ball.

Offensive Strategy:

The offense may advance the ball by throwing it or kicking it.

The offense has three throws/kicks or a combination of each per possession.

A throw or kick must be successfully caught out of the air or it results in a turnover.

A player who successfully catches the ball out of the air may take three steps with the ball.

Once a player has taken three steps with the ball they have three seconds to release the ball.

Offensive player may tap a pass or kick to another teammate without it counting as one of their three kicks or throws.

An offensive player may also tap the ball to themselves on a throw or kick as long as the ball travels above the shoulders of the player who tapped it.

Defensive Strategy:

The defense may deflect a kicked or thrown pass away or intercept it.

They may also two hand touch a player with possession of the ball. If a player is touched while in possession of the ball the player will be ruled down. The offensive player is not allowed to move their feet at that point and will not be allowed to extend the ball out to result in a score. They also must hold onto the ball for one full second, before they can release it. Referee will shout out, "down" to indicate the player has been ruled down and, "free" when the offensive player is allowed to kick or throw it again.

If the offense is touched down three times during a possession it will result in a change or after the third throw or kick a player is touched down in possession that will result in a change of possession and the other team restarting play with a throw or kick from the spot where the player was touched down.

An incomplete pass thrown by the offense which lands in their own endzone is a live ball and will result in a score for the defends. Point total will vary depending on the first team to possess it in the endzone.

The defense may closely guard any player on the other team. However, they may not make any physical contact which impedes the progress of an offensive player.

The offense may also not make any contact with the defense to impede their progress or separate themselves from the defense.

Ways to Score:

Restarting after a score/Advancement in own endzone:

After a score, the other team will possess the ball. Once they possess the ball they will be given 5 seconds to inbound the ball. In that time, the player who inbounds it will have unlimited steps, so long as they do not step out of the endzone. If they are not able to inbound the ball in five seconds the ball will be given to the other team from the X.

If a turnover is committed in the other teams endzone, the other team may possess the ball and have unlimited steps to advance it out of the endzone. However, once they advanced it out of the endzone, normal advancement rules apply.


A turnover may be caused in the following ways:

If a pass or kick is intercepted, on the subsequent possession after the interception the offensive team will be granted an additional pass or kick.

Defensive Advancement:

After a turnover a player on the other team may advance the ball by kicking the ball with their foot or leg. They may advance the ball an unlimited amount by kicking it. The ball may also hit the ground and continue to be advanced.

However, if they have kicked the ball and it has hit the ground they are the only offensive player that can touch it. If another offensive player touches it then it is a penalty (if a player on the other team touches the ball a player on the kicking team may touch it or possess it.) Once the ball is kickedĀ  a player on the other team may possess the ball or kick it forward themselves.

Once the player who kicks it forward possess the ball, regular advancement rules apply.

Out of bounds:

A pass or kick that goes out of bounds without a member of the defense touching it will result in possession of the ball going to the other team.

A pass or kick that is deflected out of bounds by the defense in the air, will result in possession being retained by the offense and the number of downs or pass/kicks staying the same. However, a pass or kick being knocked out by the defense in the air and through the endzone will result in a change in possession.

An interception in which the momentum of the defensive player takes the player out of bounds will result in the intercepting team retaining possession.

A deflected pass or kick by the defense that hits the ground in bounds and then bounces out of bounds will result in possession being given to the team that deflected the ball.

Any ball out of bounds must be put back in by a player of the appropriate team with a throw or kick. This throw/kick will count towards one of the throws/kicks that the offensive team gets per possession. Team may score directly from an inbounds pass or kick.


After a violation, possession will be changed. Play will restart with a kick or pass from the spot where the violation occurred. This will count as one of the three pass or kick in the new possession.


A penalty will result in a change of possession if committed by the offense.

The ball will be placed on the nearest X if a penalty has been committed. However, if the penalty has been committed past the X, the other team will take possession at the spot of the penalty.

If a penalty occurs, down and number of throws/kicks will reset.

A penalty that deliberately stops a score from occurring in the judgement of the referee will result in a score.


Time will run without stopping unless the following occurs: A penalty, An unnatural delay, An injury, A timeout (each team gets one per game)


A player who scores should relinquish the ball almost immediately after they score. The same applies to a player who commits a violation, turnover, or penalty.

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