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Tramp Ball

The new sport of Tramp Ball was created by a friend of Bailey Harry from California in 2006. In tramp ball, you play with your hand and feet or both, on a trampoline of any sort as long as you have two opposing nets. Your trying to throw a ball of some sort usually a soccer ball or volleyball and throw it into the net. The game varies from age anywhere 5 to 16 years old. The older you are the more aggressive you can be.

Equipment Required: Soccer ball or volleyball. Large trampoline with side netting.


You have two goalies. The goalie cannot leave the mat part of the trampoline. Only a foot out from the mat. You have two teams, 2-3 players per team. If your trampoline is a rectangle, I'd say 3-4 including the goalies.  

The game is typically played with the hands and like soccer you can touch the ball after it's in the goalies hands. You have to let the goalie pass it for play. To pass you have to pass the ball to all your teammates. You are allowed to dive for the ball, I'd compare it to a lighter version of rugby you can tackle. You can choose to play intense tramp ball or intermediate no tackle.  

It can be hard to keep track of goals. Rules are once you start you toss the ball into the air and let it drop chanting Tramp Ball!!! after each goal is made, the goalie has to toss the ball up into the air and let the ball drop before play.  

Make sure that you're mat has all of its strings tied on the side. If someone gets hurt you have to call time. Those are the rules if injuries occur you can choose whether or not to be a cry baby and play through it. Don't wimp out. 

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