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Tackle Chess

Tackle Chess is a new sport created by Dillon Carney from the New Jersey, USA in February 2019. Tackle Chess is a full-contact, no ball team game involving two teams whose primary goal is to protect their own king and tackle the opposing team's king to the ground.

Equipment Required: Two foam shields, no larger than 6 foot by 3 foot, of similar construction to foam padding placed on gym walls or on floors for gymnasts.

Sport Description


Protect the King, tackle the opposing King. 

A tackle may be called when a player makes contact with the ground with anything other than their feet.  

Running VS Walking: 

Walking is defined by movement by a player in which only one foot leaves the field at a time, AND the speed of this player remains below 3 miles per hour. 

Running is defined by movement by a player in which both feet may leave the field, and the speed of this player may exceed 3 miles per hour. 


Defined as when a player takes another player to the ground by means of pushing or pulling or otherwise directing the opposing player to touching the field with a body part other than their feet. The offensive player must take care to not tackle themselves at the same time. 


Tackle Chess is to be played on a 64 foot by 64 foot square area of grass, turf, or dirt. 


Each team consists of 8 players each:

Set Up: 

To begin, each side starts at opposing sides of the square field. Players are arranged however the team decides, with the following exceptions. Pawns must be placed in front of all other players on a team. All players must be arranged within the playing field, no more than 3 feet from other players on the same team. 

When PLAY is called out by a referee, both teams may proceed movement at will. Those players designated Pawns and Rooks may only walk. Runners may run. Kings may walk or run. Once a player is deemed tackled, they must leave the playing field immediately, and may not return until either King is tackled. Once a King is tackled, the play is stopped immediately and the team whose King remains standing gains 5 points. Players are to reassemble themselves according to team plans (teams may be given up to 30 seconds to reassemble), and PLAY is called once both teams are ready.  

Games last a maximum of 2 sets of 3 5-minute rounds. Time counts down from when Play is called to when a King is tackled. The team with the higher score wins the game. Each round is to be separated by a 5 minute rest. If both teams are tied at the end of 2 sets, a sudden death round is started with 30 seconds on the clock. The team with the most standing players wins.

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