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The new sport of Softlon was created by Zlatin Tsolov from Bulgaria in February 2017. It's just like tennis on a court but the ball is soft and you play with table tennis rackets.

Equipment Required


The rules are like tennis on court but you can serve on all the field. The server must serve on the serve line and the player who must return can be anywhere but he must wait for the ball to hit the ground like on tennis on court.

The game is played 3 of 5 to 6 games and the points are 15 30 40. If the result goes 40 - 40 there is deuce that is played like :

Player 1 scores a point - advantage.
Player 2 takes the point - Deuce
Player 1 takes a point advantage.
Player 1 takes the point game

The points to 6 are called games and when one player scores 6 games its called set.
If the result is 5 - 5 the players are playing with 2 games difference - ex 7 - 5 and the winner is 7.

But if the game goes 6-6 the players play tiebreak to 7 POINTS.

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