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Roof Ball (a new sport)

The new sport of Roof Ball was created in 1976 by the Rinde Family from Endicott, New York (submitted by Kate M Darpino). In roof ball, the players take turns hitting a ball onto a slanted roof.

Roof Ball was created almost fifty years ago in my mother's backyard.  My grandmothers roof is the ultimate Roof Ball roof, but ant roof that is roughly 45 degrees will work.  If the roof has obstacles such as a chimney, gutter, or dormers, even better!  If you can imagine volleyball as an individual sport played outside with obstacles, you will have a pretty good image of Roof Ball.

Equipment Required: One ball.  The cheap, light, rubber balls that you used to find in the big bins at grocery stores are ideal. A slanted roof. 

Sport Description

Description of play: Players line up in age order, youngest to oldest.  Each player starts with three lives.  Youngest player serves the ball onto the roof (can be underhand or overhand). Players take turns hitting the ball onto the roof, always staying in age order. If a player lets the ball drop on their turn they lose a life.  If a player hits the ball and it misses the roof, the player loses a life.  Last person with any lives remaining is the winner.

Rules: If the ball goes over the house, the player who hit the ball loses a life. If the ball goes off the side of the roof, it's a replay. If the ball goes in a bush or other obstacle on the ground, it is a replay. If the ball hits the top of the gutter and bounces upward, it is fair and the next player must get to the ball. If a player hits the ball and it hits the side of the gutter, it does not count as making on the roof and the player who hit the ball loses a life. If a player gets in the way of a player who is trying to get to the ball, it is called interference and results in a replay. Each time a player loses a life, they serve the ball onto the roof for the next person.  If it is a replay, the player who hit the ball serves it onto the roof for the next player. When players get out, they sit on the "losers bench" and watch.  If the player in front of you gets out, you are now following the player that was in front of them.

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