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Racket Hockey

The new sport of Racket Hockey was created by Austin Jones from Parkville, Missouri in September 2016 (he also invented Extreme T-Ball). In Racket Hockey you have two goals, about the size of a hockey goal, and you also have a hollow, rubber, see through ball, called the atom ball. There are 4 people on the court at a time, and you use tennis racquets to hit the ball into the net.

You can change your lineups slightly, but my team has one guard, one mid-fielder, and two attackers. The guard has lots of armor, and stays near the goal to try to block shots. The mid-fielder organizes the plays, and does both defense and offense. The attackers stay up forward, and generally take the shots. There is no offsides.


The size of the court can vary. But there is a goal on each end of the court.

There is a 30 second shot clock too.

The guard has to have face protection, knee protection, and elbow protection. Everything else is recommended, but not required. (Especially cups to protect your soft spot)

To move the ball up the field you bounce it up and down with your tennis racquet. You can either dribble it with the raquet like in basketball, or you can juggle with the tennis raquet. You will know what this is if you have ever done a tennis class. The ball has to be bouncing. If the ball is just laying dormant on your raquet, then you have to give the ball to the other team, and they start where you stopped.

If the ball is hit by someone, but ends up just rolling on the ground, the ball is taken away from whoever touched it last, and given to the other team, where the ball stopped bouncing.

If the ball goes out of bounds, then the other team gets the ball where it went out of bounds. They then proceed to bounce the ball on the ground, and then hit it to one of their teammates.

You are not allowed to guard the team with possession's players during the hit-in due to lack of players. But once the ball either goes past half court or a player from that team receives the pass, you are allowed to guard all you want. This procces is called a hit-in.

In this game you get to decide whether you want to play with steals or not. You are not allowed to hit someone else's raquet with tremendous force. This could is called a hard-hit, and results in a free shot for the other team.

A free shot is where a team chooses a player, and then that player shoots against the guard at a certain line, with no other players being allowed to intervene.

You are also not allowed to go behind the goal. That is out of bounds.

The game is separated into 3 twenty minute periods. If the game is tied by the end of the third period, then the teams go into a five round shootout. The shootout will continue until one team emerges victorious. The shootout has the same excact format as soccer does.

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