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Extreme T-Ball

The new sport of Extreme T-ball was created by Austin Jones of Parkville, MissouriUSA in March 3, 2017 (he also invented Racket Hockey). In Extreme T-Ball you have 2 tees on each side of the field, with a tennis ball on each tee. You play with 3-5 people on each team, and there is a 1 whifflball on the field.

The aim of the sport is to knock the tennis ball off the tee, by only throwing the ball. This gives you a point. You can pass and do whatever you want basically with the ball, and use any part of your body.


You can use any part of your body to move the ball. When the ball goes out of bounds, you do a chuck In. In a chuck in, all you do is chuck the ball to one of your teammates. The game is 20 minutes long, and divided into 2 halves.

You are allowed to rip the ball out of the opposing teams hands, but cannot tackle, hit or kick the other team to get the ball. But you can intercept passes and block goals.

That brings me to my next thing. The goalie box. You cannot shoot inside the goalie box. But the goalie and defending team can block shots from inside the goalie box. If you shoot in the goalie box, then it is a turnover.

Equipment Required: 2 tees, 2 tennis balls, 6-10 people, and 1 whifflball.

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