Here is another sport invented by Doug Yurchey (aka Tray Caladan). FLOG (which is golf spelled backwards!) is a different way to play golf that is somewhat like tennis. This sport is not currently played, but if Doug has anything to do with it it will become a popular sport of the future. See more of his R-World Sports.

About Flog

Players only need two floggers; one for long range drives (100 yds.) and a smaller one for a short game or basically putts. Holes are called ‘eyes’ and are par 2, 3 or 4. Greens are called ‘blues.’ They are blue outdoor carpeting with an EYE (4-foot, raised) HOLE.  In golf, players are expected to 2-putt. Flog players are expected to 1-putt. Players stand where ball landed; pick up ball and hit it with smaller flogger. EYE HOLE is like a skateboard park; the ball can roll up the raised hole & OUT if struck too hard. Various odd obstacles are along the course.    

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doug yurcheyThere are also other invented sports by Tray Caladan. All information about these sports, including the ideas and images, are subject to copyright. If you want more information or are ready to help make these sports a reality, Tray would love to hear from you: dugx@sbcglobal.net.

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