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The Flog Games

The Flog Games was created by Joseph Martinez of Chicago, IL. This sport is made up of 5 short mini games. There are many basic rule/penalties for many of these games.

There may be different ways to play and different penalties for each mini game. But they are pretty easy to understand. These games however very tough and provides little equipment. Games are usually 10-15 minutes (20 minutes at the most.) All games must be played on a grass. He hope that one day everyone can enjoy this sport and find it interesting.

The Squad System - There are exactly 8 players on one squad (since in this sport, we do not address them as teams.) NOTE: certain games only require certain amount of players from each squad.

Mini Game Guide

  1. Squad Wrestling - Sort of like wresting and football, this mini game only last 10 minutes. Only six players from each squad must participate in this game, players must try to knock down their opponent on the ground, when a player is knocked down, he/she is automatically leave that game. The last squad standing wins. Penalty- players cannot physically fight, they must only wrestle, players caught fighting will be disqualified from the games.
  2. Body Count - Sort of like boxing, only you must punch the body instead of the face/lower body. Only 1 player from each squad must participate in this game. There are 2 rounds, 5 minutes for each round in total of 10 minutes. A player must give up for the game to end. Penalty- If a player hits below the belt or in the face, will be disqualified from the games.
  3. Knuckle Count - Just like bloody knuckles, a player must takes turns punching each others knuckles. Only 1 player must participate from each squad in this game. Penalty- players cannot physically fight or will be disqualified from the games.
  4. Flag Count - Like capture the flag, you must try to capture your opponents flag and return it to your base counting as one point. Only 6 players from each squad may participate in this game. You may shove like tackle football. Only 15 minutes this will last (5 minutes extra in case of overtime.). Penalty- players cannot physically fight or they will be disqualified from the games.
  5. Boulder Throwing - A player must throw a small boulder across the field, the player who throws their boulder the farthest wins the game. Only 1 player from each squad may participate in this game. equipment-required: Chin Protectors Any head only helmet (football helmets not included).

A squad only wins the games if they beat the other opposing squad in most of the games.

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