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Quots is a new sport invented by three friends India Hutton, Coco Cottrell and Amelia Whinney in July 2013. The sport is like badminton but with a hoop. They think it is "really great fun for all ages!"

Equipment Required


You throw a rubber hoop across a net to the opposition and they try to catch it, you can only catch the hoop with one hand. The court is the same size as a badminton court. You score if the opposition drops the quot (which is the name of the rubber hoop) or doesn't catch it. You also score if the opposition throws the quot outside the court or under the net.  

There are three ways of throwing the quot, the saucer, which is the motion of throwing a Frisbee, the Whinney shot which is when you throw the quot vertically so that is spins upright and finally the flip which is when you hold the quot and flick it upwards. The game ends when the first person gets to eleven. If you are both on ten points then you have deuce and advantage.

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