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Tennikoit (also called ring tennis or tenniquoits) is a sport which is played with a rubber ring, in which the objective is to catch and throw the ring back on to the opponents half of the court. It is believed to have been invented in Germany. The sport which can be played in singles and doubles format is popular in Germany, Brazil, South Africa, and some South Asian countries especially India.

Tennikoit can be played both indoors and outdoors, and on clay or cement surfaces. The court used looks similar to a Badminton court with markings for both singles and doubles play. The court is separated by a net which is 1.8m high.

Each play starts with a serve. Severs have to land on the diagonally opposite box on the other side. Each player or team alternately takes turns to serve five times consecutively regardless of who scores the point. The play continues with back and forth catch and throwbacks until one team is, unable to catch or throw it back inbounds.

A match is played in a best of three sets format, where the team to win two sets first wins the match. Each set is played for 21 points, where a two-point lead is required for a win.


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