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The new sport of OneGoal.Football was created by Tom Mackenzie from New Zealand (though living in England) in November 2017. OneGoal.Football is based on football (soccer) but instead of the goals at either end of the pitch they are centrally located back to back. 

Equipment Required: All that is needed is something to demarcate the goals, one could use something as simple as cones or markers, but a purposely built goal is available at OneGoal.Football


OneGoal.Football can be played simply with cones or markers or with a purposely built OneGoal.Football goal.  With the goals back to back this increases the amount the ball is in play as there are no longer any goal kicks or corners.  This gives the players more time on the ball and as there are less stoppages the players get a better work out.  Also more goals are scored.

Due to the new layout there are no offsides which reduces a lot of contentious decisions and reduces the officials from 3 to 1.

If a player misses a shot at goal then the opposition have a chance to scores this leads to more scoring opportunities.

The game is useful in training as it meets the requirements of the manager who wants to maximize the amount of touches each player has.

onegoal football net


There are only 2 rules at present that are different than normal football.

1. The goal keeper must throw or kick into their own half.  This is to prevent the keep throwing directly over the goal.

2. Once a goal is scored or to start the game the keeper picks the ball out of the net and throws or kicks it into play.


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