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Ultimate Hand Team Tennis

Ultimate Hand Team Tennis was created by Miguel Cervantes from Las Cruses, New Mexico USA in 2014. It's a 5-on-5 game team sport with a lot of physical activity with a tennis ball. It is smacking the ball with your hand and it's smacking it to pass through the opponents side in order to score.

The sport is like tennis but with some rules like scooping with your hand not grabbing the ball. When you scoop it then you smack it on the scoop zone. Ultimate Hand Team Tennis will benefit both kids and adults with abilities in sports or no background at all. I feel this will aid in getting kids out of the house and away from electronics and keep our young children healthy. I am aiming for this sport to become popular and even hopes of being a national sport. Maybe even start a league business entertainment.


  1. 5 player vs 5 Player. each team can have a full team of 15 player but 5 can be on the court for each team.
  2. Scoops can only be done on the scoop zone(back zone)
  3. No kicking the Tennis ball
  4. Cannot cross the opponents side(center or border line) to hit the ball.
  5. Ball must bounce on the opponents ground and pass through the back to score. If ball doesn't bounce no point(score)
  6. Cannot juggle ball must be smacked right away.
  7. There is an out of bounds. If a team player smacks it to the sidelined it is out of bounds and is the opponent teams ball.
  8. If the ball is rolling to the team side must smack it on the ground or let it roll to the scoop zone and scoop it and smack it.
  9. To start a game or to continue after a timeout or a turnover if out of bounds. there is a serve by bouncing the ball and smacking the ball. this is a serve.
  10. On each side of the teams side there are two sections. the back side ere serves are done is called the scoop zone were you can scoop and smack the ball. The second side is only smack zone(no scoops)
  11. In the scoop zone you cannot scoop the ball towards the opponents side to score. when ball is scooped must be smacked.
  12. 3 timeouts for each team
  13. 4 officials( 2 back judges/score keeper)( 2 side Judges)
  14. Dress attire is shorts t-shirt jersey/or tanktop jersey
  15. The ultimate hand team tennis court is 78 feet in length, 36 feet in width.
  16. while smacking the ball you can use both hands and no back hands.
  17. Substitutions can only be made during a time out, out of bounds turnover, quarters, or if a after a score point happens and before the ball is in play. Officials will always check when both team are set.
  18. Officials will always check well being of players and check if players are set before each quarter and each serve.
  19. Each team has there own sidelines but across from each other east/west.
  20. The game is played North/South
  21. Running shoes are required and sunglasses or any eyeware is allowed. soft knee pads and elbows are allowed. No cap or hats no jewelry.
  22. Outdoor or indoor court floor could be hardwood or concrete floor

Equipment Required

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