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GGgolf - a new way to play golf

GGgolf is a new sport created by Robert Correa Borja from Germany in May 2021. The rules of GGgolf are simple.  Few pieces of equipment are needed and are inexpensive.  Individual  equipment for practice and competition is less than the cost of a family-size pizza. Set up and tear down for practice and competition is fast.  Rules allow for spatial dimensions variations to accommodate age groups and skill level.  One game for up to five people can easily be completed within 15 minutes.  It can even be played indoors!

Sport Description

Category. Players in the same category (as in age, sex & experience level) play in 2 or 3 player groupings.  Every effort is made to have complete 3 player groups.

Distance to target is variable depending on age and skill level of players.  Distance can be varied; for example 10 m, 30 m, 90 m.  The organizer announces the actual distances, per category, in time before competition.

Target is in the 3 concentric circles.  Circles' diameters are variable depending on age, sex and skill level of players.  Diameters are 1x cm, 3x cm, 9x cm.  For example: 20 cm, 60 cm, 180 cm.  The organizer announces the actual diameters, per category, in time before competition.  Alternatively, players shoot as close as they can to a target stake.  After all players shoot  all balls, a rope with three markings, to represent the radiuses of the three circles, is fully extended past the longest radius and carefully walked around the stake.  As the rope passes a ball, the corresponding point(s) within the radiuses is/are credited to the ball's respective owner.

Points are: 3 within the 1x cm circle; 2 within the 3x cm circle but outside the 1 cm circle; and 1 within the 9x cm circle but outside the 3x cm circle.  If concentric circles are used, they can be made of garden hose segments or similar; anything that has a low vertical profile on the ground and curves easily when its ends are attached together.  The low vertical profile reduces ball travel interference.

From left to right, looking at the target, each player in a group in-turn shoots a ball towards the target in the concentric circles; or the stake.  The players then, in-turn shoot their second ball.  Then their 3rd ball.  After the last player in the group shoots the 3rd ball, points are determined.  If there is any tie for any of the top 3 places, those tied will alternate shooting a ball until the tie is broken.

After all players in all groups in a category play and are scored, the top 3 overall in that category compete in a final round to determine 1st, 2nd & 3rd places in that category.  If there is any tie, again, those tied will alternate shooting a ball until the tie is broken.

Equipment Required: The player brings/chooses what golf iron to use.  It is expected that the preferred will be iron 7.  Each player gets issued 3 balls; a small place mat to protect the ground regardless whether competition is indoors or outdoors; and tees for optional use.  Balls for all players are the soft and lightweight practice types for indoors.  For outdoors play, balls can be either the same practice types, as for indoors competition, or real balls.  The organizer announces which type will be used, per  category, in time before competition. Balls are of standard size, about 4 cm in diameter.  Similar balls are used by all players in the same group and category.  Balls are numbered, colored or otherwise marked to show individual player ownership.

Note: There was an article about this new sport published in the newspaper Werra-Rundschau in Germany on 22 May 2021. The first tournament will be held on 4 September 2021 in Schwebda Germany.

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