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CLOTGERT is a new sport created by Konstantyn Kuznietsov from the Ukraine in October 2018. The essence of the Clotgert sports game is to achieve the most accurate results of a series of strikes on the ball with a club using a special target from three different distances.

Equipment Required: target, clubs, balls

Sport Description

The game takes place in three stages. In the first stage, two pairs of teams compete, drawn by lot, held before the start of the game. At this stage, two semi-finalists will be determined. At the second stage, a pair of teams will be determined who will compete for the third and fourth place. At the end of the competition there is a game of finalists, in which the winner is determined. 

Number of field players. 12 people. Four teams of three people. 

First mark. The point on the playground where the ball is set to strike the target. This point is located from the target at 15 meters on a line perpendicular to the plane of the target. 

Second mark. The point on the playground where the ball is set to strike the target. This point is located from the target at 20 meters on a line perpendicular to the plane of the target.

Third mark. The point on the playground where the ball is set to strike the target. This point is located from the target at 25 meters on a line perpendicular to the plane of the target. 

Target. A vertical surface (canvas) on which a clear marking in the form of concentric circles with an interval of 10 centimeters is applied. The size of the target is three by three meters.

For striking one participant is allocated up to 15 seconds. After completing a series of team beats from each distance, there is a short pause - up to 1 minute. During this pause, the teams are preparing for strikes from the next longer distance. 

The total play time can be 50-55 minutes. This time includes: 

- preparation for the start of the competition; 
- building teams; 
- representation of athletes and judges; 
- lots for teams regarding the order of their performances in the semifinals and finals; 
- Execution of blows of teams from each mark (distance); 
- summarizing the results. 

On the playing court there is a net for catching the balls, a target, three points for striking the target. 

For the first place, the team gets 3 points, for the second 2 points for the third - 1 point. For the fourth - 0. If the teams scored the same result according to the results of the game, then the team that wins is the least time spent on strikes. 

Each player deals three hits from one distance. In the credit for this player are two of the best results, and the third is not taken into account. The result is measured in centimeters as the deviation of the center of the ball from the center of the target. Accordingly, the best result can be 0 cm. And the worst 300 cm. 

For measuring the accuracy of each impact, high-speed cameras and special software are used. Scoring is conducted both individually and in the team standings. These results are presented on the scoreboard after each participant's hit. 

If a player strikes a target for a time period that exceeds 15 seconds, the result of such a strike is equal to a miss and is estimated at 301 cm. 

Competitive advantages are the ability to play the game on small football fields, lawns, handball and basketball courts. In turn, this makes it possible to create all the amenities for the audience and refereeing. Low costs for ammunition, infrastructure and equipment make it possible to form low prices for fans. The main equipment is an optical device with the appropriate software. This device should quickly determine the result of hitting the ball into the target and present the indicators on the scoreboard. 

more-info: The game is promising for commercialization. The main success factor for the implementation of this task is the regulation of its implementation and the possibility of participation of a wide range of people.  Also an important component of success is the popularity of golf, with which the game has much in common. Today, many sports lose their fans and companies that produce sports products are interested in maintaining the demand for their products and services.  Successful promotion of the game and its further popularization will significantly expand the geography of the competition.

link: clotgert on Facebook

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