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Fullball is a new sport created by Soheil Salimipour from Iran in 2019. Fullball is team sport (combined football) type of new football, combining elements of football and volleyball. It can be played on grass, indoor and the beach. What does the term fullball mean? The term is actually composed of two words, full and ball. The  reason behind using  the word full is that, in addition of using feet, you are allowed to use your hands too. The message of this sport is diversity, reduction of injuries and culture and peace.

Equipment Required: A football field that needs to be improved (OF COURSE ON GRASS), Indoor, Beach, The ball, Players, AND ...


1.  Footvolley: ( Football + Volleyball ) Footvolley is derived from volleyball and football. Fullball is completely the opposite of footvolley because footvolley is played in volleyball court, but with  football rules, with legs and feet, and no hands are involved. But fullball is played in football court, and in addition to legs and feet, hands are used in performing the game, especially in scoring.

2.  Rugby: A group-sport which is a type of football, and the reason that the new sport fullball is introduced as rugby is due to their similarities. But we should keep in mind that rugby has different styles in different countries, such as: (13-person rugby, 15-person rugby), American, Canadian, Australian and Gaelic football.

Rules and Regulations of Fullball

The Ground :

The new sport, fullball, like football, is performed in three types  of courts:

1. Grass : (Football pitch size)
2. Indoor   
3. Beach

The size of these three types of courts is different:

Grass : The best, the most attractive, and perhaps the most popular. This ground ( grass ) Fullball   is similar  Football . Includes club stadiums in  World. Their difference in fullball is the size and dimensions of lines, and the size of the gates .

Description about the Ground :

1. The fine area ( penalty )
2. Gate area
3. The penalty line ( Unlike of penalty spot in football )
4. Gates
5. The corners and out
6. Center of the ground
7.  All of Ground

New Fullball sport in three part for play ( competition ) :

Include :

1.    grass ( fullball )  Previous section , complete explanation
2.    indoor fullball ( FULLSAL )
3.    beach ( BEACH  FULLBALL )

these three part , there is common and difference  for ( grass , indoor  , beach )

1.    difference : ( grass - indoor -  beach )

size of ground , size of gates , number of players , number of referees , time , changes  .

2.    common : ( grass -  indoor - beach )

size of ball , Rules and regulations ( play ) , penalty

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