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The new sport called Frizitch (also goes by the name Finnsby) was created by Australian Josh Finn in the Summer of 2015. Frizitch/Finnsby was created as a cross between ultimate Frisbee and Dodge ball, where the object of the game is to knock a cone (spike) from the top of a pillar using the Frisbee. A dodgeball is used by the defending team to score defensive points by 'tagging' offensive players in possession of the Frisbee.



In FRIZITCH the aim of the game is to use the DISC to hit or knock off the oppositions SPIKE located on top of the PILLAR.



  1. 3 x 20 mins Thirds
  2. Running clock. Stops after score or when a foul is committed.


  1. A team has maximum 6 players on the bench.
  2. Each team is permitted to make 3 substitutions per 20 min third.
  3. Substitutions can only occur when the clock has stopped.


FRIZITCH is non-contact, meaning non-incidental physical contact is prohibited. Defending players must make clean interceptions on throws in order to gain possession of the DISC, and cannot take the disc from an offensive player who has secured possession. In the event of two (2) players simultaneously gaining possession the advantage will be given to the player in an attacking position. Non incidental contact will be called a FOUL.


The game or period begins with the DISC on the center line and the ROCK 2m inside the attacking half. Both teams will line up touching the back wall on their defensive side. At the whistle teams will race to collect their ROCK and try and gain possession of the DISC.


The game will restart after a score from the center circle. The team in possession must be in their own half of the court. The ROCK does not have to return to its starting point.


  1. A single point is scored when one team uses the DISC to hit or knock the SPIKE on top of the PILLAR from within the 2 (two) point line. Two (2) points are awarded when the SPIKE is hit or knocked off the PILLAR from outside the two (2) point line.
  2. A player cannot move with possession of the DISC, it may be moved only by passing. The DISC may be passed, thrown or tossed in any direction. The player in possession of the disc must maintain a pivot point which does not WANDER when in possession.
  3. If a pass is dropped or intercepted by the defense, it is a TURNOVER and the opposing team immediately gains possession and begins their attack.
  4. Attacking players may not advance past the PENALTY LINE before the DISC crosses half way. If this occurs it will be an OFFSIDE violation and the DISC will be turned over at the point of the violation.
  5. If an attacking player is TAGGED when in possession of the DISC inside the two (2) point zone then a change of possession occurs.
  6. When in an attacking position, attacking players may SHIELD to prevent the DOMINATOR from attempting to TAG. Attacking players may not use extended arm or legs to block and must remain still.  Attackers will identify themselves as a SHIELD by crossing arms across their chest. A SHEILD must be set before the DISC is received and cannot move until the DISC has been DISPOSED.


  1. In defense there is an added element. The DOMINATOR will be positioned in the DOMINATOR ZONE and will be allowed to use the ROCK to defend the SPIKE. The DOMINATOR may use the ROCK to TAG any attacking player inside the two (2) point line with possession of the DISC.
  2. If the DOMINATOR TAGS an offensive player inside the two (2) point zone then possession is turned over. Attacking players cannot be TAGGED if in the air.
  3. The DOMINATOR is also permitted to use the ROCK to BEAT DOWN the DISC in mid-air. The DOMINATOR must not be holding the ROCK when attempting a BEAT DOWN or a PENALTY will be awarded.
  4. If a defending player tries to SLAP DOWN or attempts to intercept and drops an attacking pass, possession stays with the attacking side at the point of the SLAP DOWN or missed interception.
  5. If a defending player tries to SLAP DOWN or attempts to intercept and drops an attacking pass inside the two (2) point zone possession stays with the attacking side at the point of the DISC crosses the two (2) point line.
  6. Defending a player in possession the DISC, or marking, is allowed. The defender may count to 4 (seconds) the attacking player must DISPOSE of the DISC by the time the defending player reaches 4 otherwise possession is turned over. There may only be one (1) defender within one arm length of the player in possession of the DISC. The defender may not make contact with the attacking player at any time or else a CONTACT FOUL may be called.
  7. Defending players may not enter the DEAD ZONE once the DISC is in the offensive half otherwise a PENALTY will be awarded.
  8. The DOMINATOR is the only defensive player allowed to LAUNCH the ROCK in an attempt to TAG. Defensive players may retrieve and pass the ROCK back to the DOMINATOR but will be restricted to the movement rules just as with possession of the DISC.


Fouls occur if:

Fouls that occur inside the defensive two (2) point zone will be awarded a PENALTY SHOT from the PENALTY LINE.

A player can commit six (6) fouls. Once a player has committed six (6) fouls they must be substituted and cannot re-enter the game.

If a team has already used the allocated substitutions for the third they must play with a player down until substitutions are reset.


Around the PILLAR is a 1m radius in which defending players may not enter when the DISC is in the attacking half. If a defending player enters this circle and blocks a pass or shot at the SPIKE whether accidentally or on purpose a PENALTY SHOT will be awarded.

Attacking players may not shoot from within the DEAD ZONE, however can land inside if jumping to collect a pass and FIRE before landing in possession (DISC must leave the players hand in order for it to count as a score).

Only 2 attackers are allowed inside the 2point zone

Scores worth 3 inside and 5 outside 1 point awarded for DOMINATOR getting a TAG.

Equipment Required

1x Frisbee
2x dodgeballs
2x rugby tackling bags
2x agility cones

This sport is currently being played and constantly being developed. New and updated rules are being trialed weekly, so keep an eye out.

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