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Footwall (a new sport)

The new sport of Footwall was created by Harry Kay from the United Kingdom in December 2021. Footwall combines elements of football and squash, but only uses the front wall as the rest of the court is open unlike in squash.

Sport Summary

Footwall combines the elements of football and squash to create a unique sport. The elements from football is using your feet to kick the ball at the wall and the element from squash is that a ball is being hit at a wall. But the sport differs from squash, as in squash the court is surrounded by walls compared to in footwall where the court only has one wall which is the front wall.

Equipment Required: Football size 5, wall (if not using a court)

Sport Description

Footwall is a sport that is only played in single matches (1 vs 1). It is played on a court 10 meters long and 6 meters across, with the height of the wall being 5 meters. 

Basic rules:


For serving the ball will be served diagonally from behind the line on the court, foul serving happens when hitting the ball out of the court, missing the wall or not getting the ball to the other side of the court, players have only one touch to do the serve and are not allowed to throw the ball in the air and it is allowed that the person can do the serve along the floor or they can chip it up to hit the wall.


Point are awarded if a ball fails to hit the wall then their opponent will get the point, if the ball hits the wall and either roll out of the court or takes one bounce than leaves the court the person who hit the ball last will get the point, if the ball hits the wall and the first bounce is out of the court than the person who hit the ball will lose the point. When a player has been given three warming their opponents will gain one extra point.


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