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The new sport of Bounceback was created by Ethan Hoff from Missouri, USA in December 2013


  1. The thrower throws the ball from 15 yards away, at a concrete wall.
  2. 6 fielders are lined up along the 50-yard long field.
  3. Everyone stays in their positions until someone catches the ball
  4. Everyone can go for the person as soon as he catches it. They can tackle, body check, and sweep others feet.
  5. The first one to get to the original spot of the thrower gets to throw next.

Point System: There are six fielders.The points depend on which fielder the ball gets to. by throwing it, the maximum points you can get is 6. You can also get a point from tackling people. So if you're a fielder, there's no limit to how many points you can get.


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