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Mark Webber

full name: Mark Webber

Australia Formula driver who has had mixed success since joining the F1 ranks in 2002. He may be just reaching hios potential in 2010.

also known as: ?
born: born 27 August 1976, Queanbeyan, New South Wales, Australia
family: Lives with girlfriend Ann Neale, and her son from a previous relationship, Luke. His father is Alan Webber.
physical: height: 6'
weight: 165 lbs
sport: Motor Racing
team: Red Bull Racing (previous teams: Minardi (2002), Jaguar (2003 - 2004) and Williams (2005 - 2006))
event: F1
what you may not know:
  • His father Alan was a local motorcycle dealer.
  • Mark started go-kart racing as a teenager in Australia, moving to cars in 1994 in the Australian Formula Ford series
  • Webber made his Formula One debut at his home race, the 2002 Australian Grand Prix, finishing 5th.
  • The only Australian to have won a Formula One race since Alan Jones in 1981.
  • He set up the Mark Webber Challenge, a charity race in Tasmania, Australia

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