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Wood Chopping

Wood Chopping, which can also be spelled as wood-chopping or woodchoping, is a sport that dates back hundred years and is practiced in several cultures. Contemporary woodchaping originated in Ulverstone, Tasmania in the 1870’s. It was a result between a bet of two axemen on who could first fall a tree.

In wood chopping competitions, the participants attempt to cut or saw a log or other types of wood. Usually, woodchopping competitions are in state fairs and agricultural shows. The participants are usually called the axemen.

There are many woodchopping events. One is called the standing block, which is to cut a scarf in one side. There is also an event called the underhand, the participants stand on the top of the log and then they use a downward motion split the log in two as fast as they can. The crowd favorite is the hot saw. In this event participants use a chainsaw to cut logs.

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