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Log Sawing

Sawing, that involves cutting across entire logs of wood using saws, is a part of the family of Lumberjack events which is contested during the annual Lumberjack World Championships, or during other Woodchopping events.

There are four different types of sawing events that take place during the championships, which are:

Hot saw : An individual event, conducted only for men, in which a single-motor, single-cylinder chain saw is used to make three vertical cuts; down, up and down.

Jack & Jill : An event in which a man and woman pair have to completely cut the log.

Double Buck : An event in which a two men team has to completely cut through the log using a two-man bucking saw.

Single Buck : An individual event, conducted separately for men and women, in which, a one-man bucking saw is used to cut through the log.

The log used for all the four events is a white pine log that is 20-inch in diameter. A 16-inch diameter log is used for the individual women events. For events where manual saws are used a starting cut is of less than half-an-inch usually allowed. All the four events are timed based, where the individual or pair to complete the event in the fastest time is the winner.

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