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Nordic Combined

Nordic Combined is a winter sport which involves competing in ski jumping and cross-country skiing as a part of a single competition. The sport has been part of the Olympics since 1924, and has been dominated by athletes from the Nordic countries.

Competitions are conducted as a two day event in which athletes compete on the ski jumping part of the race on day1 followed by the cross-country part on the following day. The results of the ski jumping part of the race are used to determine the starting order for the cross-country part of the race.

The cross-country part of the race has a staggered start, with the athlete who had the best jump starting at 00h:00m:00s, followed by one athlete at a time, each starting after a time delay. The athlete to first cross the finish line of the cross-country part of the race is declared as the winner.cross-country skiing

Races can be contested individually or in teams. The three main formats of race are,


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