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Ski Jumping

Ski jumping is another form of skiing wherein an athlete will take off a ramp and jump as high and far as possible. Winning the competition involves displaying the best style and reaching the farthest distance. The sport has four parts: in-run, take-off, flight, and landing. Ski athletes from different parts of the world compete in the Winter Olympic Games.

This sport started in Norway when a Norwegian lieutenant named Olay Rye showcased himself flying 9.5 meters. Now, after two centuries, it developed into a popular Olympic sport.

Athletes take off from three different types of hills.  They have different calculation lines and different maximum landing distances. First, the normal hill competitions, wherein you may reach a distance of over 110 meters. Second, the large hill competitions wherein you may reach over 145 meters.  And lastly, the ski-flying competitions wherein you may reach a distance of over 186 meters.

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