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Ski Flying

Ski flying is winter sport developed from ski jumping wherein the athlete or skier will come down and take off from a ramp called inrun and will fly the farthest possible. They use wide and long skis – 260 to 275 meters. They are judged by distance and style.

This sport originated in Slovenia. Slovene engineers constructed and developed the very first ski flying hill. The take off ramp is a slightly modified equipment. It is designed to give the skier a momentum to reach the highest possible speed. The longest ski flying hill that measures 251.5 meters is located in Vikersund, Norway.

There are actually only five active ski flying hills in the world. Others are found in Planica, Slovenia (249.5 m), Bad Mittendorf (237.5 m), Oberstdorf, Germany (225.5 m), and Harrachov, Czech Republic (214.5 m).

Right now, ski flying is not yet an Olympic sport, but it is already recognized by the FIS (International Ski Federation) as a separate discipline from ski jumping and they hold world championships every two years.

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