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Rugby Tens

Rugby Tens is a full-contact outdoor team sport, that was directly derived from Rugby Union. The sport originated in Malaysia, and is currently popular in many Asian countries. The rules for the sport are based on rugby sevens, which is a more popular variant of rugby union.

players playing fast-paced rugby tens rugby field

Rugby Tens is played on a regular sized rugby union field, with a rugby ball. Each team has ten active players, where five players play the forwards position, and the other five play the backs position (regular rugby union has 15 players on the field). Teams can have a maximum of five substitutes and are allowed five interchanges. Kick-offs, three player scrums, 40 seconds for conversions, and drop-kicks, are used similar to that of Rugby Sevens.

Matches are played in two 10-minute halves. Points are scored in the form of tries, conversions, and field goals. The team with the most points at the end of a match wins. If a match is drawn at the end of regulation time, multiple sudden-death overtime periods of 5 minutes each will be played to decide the winner.

Many competitions are held for Rugby Tens within Asia. The two major tournaments conducted annually are the COBRA Rugby Tens - held in Malaysia, and Hong Kong Football Club Tens.

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