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Campdrafting is an unique Australian stock-riding style sport, similar to some Western equestrian sports like Cutting and Team Penning, in which the objective for a rider on horseback is to cut out a cattle from its herd and drive it into a pen.

The course used for campdrafting consists of a camp where the herd is stationed, two pegs and a gate. The rider after cutting the cattle from its herd in the camp has to drive it around each peg. The cattle has to be driven in a full circle in opposite directions around the pegs forming an "eight" shape and then chase through into a gate, which completes the riders run.

Riders are expected to complete the course in less than 40 seconds. Each run is judged and is awarded up to a maximum of 100 points. Points awarded are split into three aspects, the "Cut out" which account for 26 points, working the horse along the course accounts for 70 points, and 4 points for navigating the course.

If a rider, loses the cow more than two times inside the camp, loses the cow in the course, or if the cow runs onto the fence, it results in a disqualification.


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