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Footbag Net

It is a sport in which the players have to kick a footbag over a 5ft high net. Players will only have to use their feet to kick the foot bag over the net. If a player makes a contact of the footbag with its knee or above it is considered a foul.

The sport can be played individually as well as in the form of doubles. Footbag has a similar looking net which is used in other sports like volleyball, badminton and tennis. The court dimensions of this sport are also similar to the court dimensions of a doubles badminton court.

Players will have to serve diagonally just like in tennis sport.  It can be played to a point’s level of 11 or 15, although the players will have to win by at least two points.

footbag or hacky sack there is lots you can do with a footbag or hacky sack

This sport is governed by the International Footbag Players Association. The competitions of this sport usually takes place in North America and Europe. The World Footbag Championship is held annually and is usually a week-long event played in between various teams from all around the world.


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