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2008 NHL Entry Draft Combine Results

The annual NHL Entry Draft combine assessment involves interviews, medical screenings, and fitness tests over a four-day period. See the complete list of 2008 combine invitees.

Central Scouting do not release the results of physical testing, except to the NHL member teams. The results of the fitness assessments (See details of the testing procedures) for the 2008 NHL Scouting Combine have been published on McKeens website but have yet to be accessed. See more NHL Entry Draft Combine Results.

2008 Combine Results

The Combine Results were published on mckeenshockey, but we have yet to access all of this data. If you have some results to add to that below it would be very welcome to complete this resource. Please contact us.

Upper Body Push Strength

Rank Score (lb.) Player
1 424 Brandon Burlon
2 344 Joel Champagne
3 340 Justin Jokinen
4 337 Cody Hodgson
5 328 Peter Delmas

Upper Body Pull Strength

Rank Score (lb.) Player
1 305 Brandon Burlon
2 302 Cody Hodgson
3 301 John Carlson
4 295 Zach Bogosian
5 289 Luke Adam

Push Ups

Rank Score Player
1 49 Brandon Burlon
2 41 Kelsey Tessier
3 40 Cody Goloubef
4 39 Matt Calvert
5 38 Brandon McMillan

Bench Press Test (no. of reps at 150 lbs.)

Rank Score (reps) Player
1 21 Colin Wilson
2 20 Chet Pickard
=3 19 Zach Bogosian
=3 19 Joel Champagne
=5 16 Yann Sauve and
=5 16 Josh Bailey

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