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NEXT Testing for Hockey

Do you have what it takes to be an ice hockey player? The Next Testing Skating Combine is a series of tests designed to measure hockey-specific athleticism using both on-ice and off-ice testing. See also the similar SPARQ testing protocols.

Skating Tests

The Next Ice Hockey test protocols include 14 skating tests which assess the elements of Reaction time, Quickness (Forwards & Backwards), Speed (Forwards & Backwards), Transition Speed (Forwards & Backwards), Agility and Puck Handling. These elements are derived from the following 14 tests (see video):

Ice Hockey PlayerThe results of the skating tests are combined into the Next Testing Index (NTI). The NTI is out of 1000, with the results from each test element weighted using a unique formula to highlight the athlete's strengths and weaknesses. Three main components make up the NTI Score: Forwards Skating (out of 395), Backwards Skating (out of 190), Puck Control (out of 285) and Reaction (out of 130).

Off-Ice Testing

In addition to the tests performed on the ice, there are the following fitness tests:

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