Poor Sam

by Jim McLellan

"Sam don't know a damn thing about hitting a golf ball" ... oh yeah, who says? What gives this guy the right to say such a thing about a fellow golfer? If he is so smart wouldn't he say "Sam doesn't know anything about hitting a golf ball?" This guy can't be very bright and he is certainly no gentleman.

What about Sam? Does he know anything about hitting a golf ball? If this guy says he doesn't and he is right ... shouldn't we assume that he is probably not very good at it? Makes perfect sense to me!

Real estate millionaires know a lot about real estate. Stock market millionaires are experts on the stock market. Chess masters have an awesome inventory of chess moves. Experts in general know a ton about their field. So if one doesn't know a damn thing about what he is doing, he can't do it very well.

Should we agree then that the more we know about a subject the better we will do? The kid in class who looks like Bill Gates, and studies a lot - gets A's this applies to school, and investments, and generally everything? Everything? Sure everything!

Let's apply this brilliant radical information to golf. The more we know about "IT" the better we should do. After all, nearly every waking moment is spent thinking. How should I do my job. How do I get to work. How do I pay my bills. What is 3+3 ... heady stuff like that ... Golfer Sam

If "Sam don't know a damn thing about hitting a golf ball" ... that's got to be his problem. Some know-it-all said he doesn't. He has to be a lousy golfer. No information = failure. Did you ever take a test where you didn't know anything about the subject matter? Let's see your report card, Einstein.

There is someone who has the answers, by Willikers. You guessed it! The all mighty golf pro . Golf professional: one who knows a lot about golf. More information, more thinking, better golf ... duh! Why didn't I think about this before I went out and made a fool out of myself? Golf professionals charge $50 or $75 or $100 for a golf lesson. Must be worth it! Just think about how good I will be after a series of 6 lessons. Awesome, Dude.

I hit the cookie jar and head for the course. Wow, there's the golf pro. He's a lot arrogant and treats me like an idiot ... but heck, maybe I am. I take the lessons. He informs me of ALL the moving parts. He gives me a lot to think about. The secret to golf, at last. Lots of information + lots to think about = success at golf. This has to work.. Look out nerd, I'm going to kick your butt.

Woops, I forgot to complete the sentence I started in paragraph one. Anybody interested? Here, good Buddy, is the rest of it ... See if you can apply what you are about to read to your game, S'il Vous Plait: "Sam don't know a damn thing about hitting a golf ball, but he does it better than anybody else".

The quote came from Ben Hogan during a conversation with Cary Middlecoff. They were watching the finest golf swing of all time. You guessed it, none other than Samuel Jackson Snead.

Poor Sam ... Didn't know a damn thing about what he was doing! So what if he won 87 PGA golf tournaments ... more than anyone in the history of golf.

How well do YOU think Sam would have done had he thought about his swing like ... You do?

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