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Golf Hydration

Hydration is important for golfers, particularly as play can take many hours and often in warm weather. As we sweat there is a loss of body fluids. If these are not replaced, there is a gradual reduction in performance, physical and mental, as the degree of dehydration increases.

What should you do?

Here are some strategies to replace fluids over a golfing day.

Drinking Fluidsdrink water

Gatorade Tiger Focus

In 2008 Tiger Woods joined with Pepsico Inc. to create a sports drink, designed for athletes of many sports, but was particularly appropriate for golfers. Tiger selected the flavors (cherry, lemon lime and grape) of this drink containing 25 per cent more electrolytes than Gatorade's signature sports drink product 'Thirst Quencher'. In 2009 it was rebranded Gatorade Tiger Focus, and the composition changed. Theanine was added, an amino acid found in many forms of tea, and said to improve mental focus. Focus contained about 50 mg of theanine per half-liter (16.9 oz) bottle. Unfortunately due to declining sales the product was dropped at the end of 2009, and this was apparently not at all linked to the recent Tiger Wood's indiscretions.

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