Should We Walk or Ride?

by Richard Myers

Most of us when playing golf are riding in carts. But should we consider walking rather than riding?

The PGA has written they believe "walking is the most enjoyable way to play golf and the use of carts is detrimental to the game." They claim "this negative trend needs to be stopped now before it becomes accepted that riding in a cart is the way to play golf."

There is no doubt that walking the course is a good exercise program. There have been many scientific studies to prove that walking a golf course is a great exercise. One study has shown that walking 18 holes has about the intensity of 50 percent of maximum aerobic workout. Another study shows that bad cholesterol was reduced in walking golfers.

There are many other sources that show that walking the course is very good aerobic exercise.

If you are out of shape and overweight like a large percent of us are, it is best that you start your walking program gradually rather than all at once.

Some suggestions for those of us that now ride, have been offered for us to get in shape, slowly. A few of them are; walk nine holes, then ride the other nine; walk and ride every other hole; leave your cart on the cart path, and walk to and from your ball.Amateur Golfing

It has also been suggested that it is a good idea if walking to use a pull cart for your bag, or to use double straps on your golf bag.

Though it may not be the very best form of exercise, it is surely better than none at all, and a great place to start.

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