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There are many good apps that can help you with your golf game. Here is one from 3Bays, the golf swing analyzer.

App Description

Golf Swing Analyzer - GSA Pro

This app only works with the MX-G103i device ONLY. See

This App enables golfers to instantly learn about their golf swings with ease. It records your swing motion and sends the information straight to your smart phone by using this GSA PRO app.

Through the gyro and g-sensor, it can calculate the above information to pretty good accuracy with the 8,000 to 10,000 data points from the sensors.

Amongst the many features like calculating your tempo, Face Angle, Club Head Speed and Attainable Ball Distance, it can actually record your swing and compare that to your previous best, or your coach's swing, a graphical feedback that can improve your understanding of your swing.

Golf Swing Analyzer - Put

This app only works with the MX-G103i device ONLY. See

GSA PUTT is a patent pending innovation in golf putting technology. This device captures the club head motion of your putter and sends the information instantly to your smart phone through its unique GSA PUTT app, which compares each club head motion from different angles simultaneously. It compares each putt against your best or your PGA instructor's best putt for greater accuracy.


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