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The Medieval Sport of Jousting

Jousting is a medieval sport in which two competitors on horsebacks, wielding long lances with blunted tips, try to take down each other. The sport was created with an intent to replicate the clash of heavy cavalry in a real battle, where soldiers wearing full armor strike the opponents while riding at high speeds.

The field used for the sport is a long stretch of rectangular land, which is separated into two lanes with a fence in the middle. Two riders, wearing full-body armor, one on each lane, position themselves at the end of the lane facing each other. The two riders then ride towards each other with their lances pointed towards the other and try to get a shot at the other rider.

Reinactment of the medieval sport of JoustingReenactment of the medieval sport of Jousting

If either of the riders is unable to strike the opponent, both riders ride till the end of the lane, then turn around and come back for another attempt. The face-off continues until one rider takes down the other by striking the lance through the opponent's shield or unhorsing the opponent.

In the past, jousting tournaments were conducted as a part of the celebration for royal occasions. Currently, jousting is an extinct sport and it has been that way for over three centuries, except for occasional reenactments, usually during medieval festivals.

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