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Canoe Tilting

Canoe Tilting was a sport in which participants standing on canoes attempt to knock each other off and into the water. It has similarities to Log Rolling and Jousting.

canoe tilting competition in Carlisle, Pennsylvaniacanoe tilting competition in Carlisle, Pennsylvania

Old Rules

A set of rules for canoe tilting was published in 1922 by Ernest Thompson Seton in the book "The Book of Woodcraft and Indian Lore". It is a guide and collection of activities for young scouts.

In this activity, a participant stands in the bow of his boat, holding his wooden spear. The spear is actually a bamboo stick with padded end. His crew bring him within 6 or 8 feet of his rival, and now he endeavors to put him overboard. Points are awarded thus: 

It is a foul to use the spear as a club or take hold of the enemy's spear with your hand. 

The umpire may dock up to twenty-five points for fouls, or give the round to the other. 

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